quinta-feira, 21 de janeiro de 2010

Obama Parody

Obama Parody

É certo que os políticos já conheceram melhores dias e Obama não escapa à paródia.
É certo que as políticas já conheceram melhores dias e a política americana também não escapa à paródia.
Nos entretantos... a música é linda e gosto particularmente da voz.
Quanto à letra... aqui a deixo.


Obama got elected, now there is no end;
The Democrats wanna tax and spend,
Tax and spend us into bankruptcy,
With a tax-cheat runnin our Treasury.
You spend two trillion bucks, and what do you get?
No recovery but deeper in debt.
St. Peter better call me fore its too late;
I owe my soul to the welfare state!
Obama is a leftist, as he cant deny;
Govern from the center, was a great big lie.
Karl Marx Manifesto is his playbook,
And you and me soon will be on the hook.
You spend two trillion bucks, in unsecured cash;
Soon the dollar will be pure trash.
Our bond holders we have to appease;
We owe our soul to the Red Chinese.
Obama and his people are makin a mess,
Bernankes fired up the printing press,
Printin money that dont exist,
No wonder America is gettin (peeved?)
You spend two trillion bucks,
They aint done yet!
Obama and Pelosi are pilin up the debt.
I work hard for the money, this
I dont deserve
We owe our souls to the Federal Reserve!

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